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Which Is Better EMMC or HDD?

As you can see, the performance of both devices is almost identical because they use the same processor. However, testing shows that Hdd has faster read speeds than Emmc does. This is because HDD uses spinning disks to store data while eMMC uses non-volatile memory chips. Non-volatile means that data stored in them will not be lost even when power is turned off. But, because non-volatile memory chips are slower than spinning disks, Hdd has lower write speeds compared to Emmc.

Theoretically speaking, HDD can read data faster than eMMC because of its rotating disks. However, the gap between their read speeds is not that big.

The following test will show you the difference in read speeds between Emmc and Hdd. If your device does not have an eMMC card, you can compare it with your PC’s hard disk instead of doing this test on mobile devices.

Difference Between HDD And EMMC


Full-Form Hard Disk Drive Embedded MultiMedia Card
Use In Smartphones, tablets, entry-level laptops, 2-in-1 computers, SD Cards, digital audio players, and digital cameras Laptops and Computer
The efficiency with File Storage Inefficient in storing large files Efficient in storing large files
Transfer Rate The maximum speed is 400 MB/s. Standard Speed is 300 MB/s
Storage Type Commonly 16GB, 32GB, and 64 GB, maximum 128GB Commonly, 320GB, 500GB, 750GB, and 1000GB (1 TB)
Functions Used as a temporary storage medium Used as a permanent storage medium

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How To Test Your Hard Drive Speed

  1. First, download CrystalDiskMark from Google Play on your PC or device. Then you can install it by opening the file that was downloaded to your device.
  2. Open the app and check if the default settings are correct for testing hard drive speed . If they’re not, you can change them in Settings > Select “SD card” or “Internal Storage”. Under Test length , select how long you want to test your hard drive performance – 6 min is recommended.
  3. After running this test at least three times, compare the results of both devices in terms of reading speeds per second (eMMC) and bytes per second (SD cards). You can also see how faster is your phone than it’s tablet, or the other way around.
  4. If you want to compare hard drive performance of different devices, simply run this test on all of them and record the results in a spreadsheet program like Excel. This will help you find out which device’s storage is faster overall, as well as how much better it performs than your current phone or tablet.  

Why Do I Need A Fast Hard Drive

Because the faster your storage is, the faster your device will be in general. Hard drives are important components of any smart device, especially smartphones or tablets. They are also one of the most often overlooked parts during replacement, which is why it’s extremely important to compare their performance if you’re planning on upgrading your Android phone/tablet.

Hard drives can make a world of difference, but they all offer different speeds. The only way to know how fast or slow your storage is – and therefore how much faster it could be – is to compare its speeds with other models. Quality-Control Pdf Database has collected 28 results from actual user reviews for this particular comparison. Actual user reviews are the most valuable source of early adopter information because they’re unaltered and can be trusted more than manufacturer specifications.

These results will help you see how fast your Android’s hard drive is in comparison with the other models on user review page, so you know it’s time to upgrade when needed. If you want an even better idea of how fast or slow your hard drive is, try running a few Benchmark tests.