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Free Tools to Use for Social Media Management

When it comes to spreading your message as a company, social media would be one of the best platforms to use. While digital marketing has plenty of avenues for the ambitious entrepreneur, from search engine optimization (SEO) to conversion rate optimization (SEO), social media remains one of the mainstays of marketing due to how easily a company can spread its message.

It’s the very reason why most company owners are keen to take advantage of social media marketing services, as it ensures your business benefits from the social media platforms. That said, one of the best things about getting professionals to help is that they can teach you the most valuable free tools for managing social media.

If you’re interested in working with your chosen marketing company, here are some free tools you can use for social media management.

  • SocialOomph

If you’re looking for a management platform that deals with various social media channels, SocialOomph can get the job done. It helps with social media scheduling, posting, and a few more unorthodox tactics, such as removing outdated messages from Twitter. It’s one of the higher-ranking management tools for social media, making it a clear mainstay for anyone looking to manage different social media platforms.

You also have the advantage of automating messages based on the situation, giving you a chance to form connections with potential clients and supporters right off the bat. It’s an excellent tool that works well with any social media marketing company.

  • Buffer

One of the older social media tools on the list, Buffer, has remained popular for quite a long time. It specializes in social media analytics, giving you a chance to figure out your next move based on the data of your followers. The advantage of such data is that it gives you a chance to figure out when they are most active — offering ideal time frames for when to start posting.

Another advantage it offers is that Buffer can be pretty easy to use, making it the ideal choice for newer businesses looking to connect with clients and online users alike through social media.

  • Sprout Social

While the previous tools in the list are all fantastic choices, there comes a time when you’ll want a social media tool that offers everything you need in a neat and organized package. Sprout Social might just be the social media manager for you if it’s the ease of use and the excellent design you’re looking for.

Sprout Social specializes in customer relationship management or CRM, which is why most of its tools go toward CRM best practices. Perhaps the best feature of Sprout Social is its reporting function, where your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter reports are arranged in such a way that you’ll never have to worry about missing something crucial. 

When it comes to social media management, you can’t go wrong with the digital tools featured above. It makes managing various social media channels much easier while simultaneously offering a chance to work with marketing experts instead of always leaving the heavy lifting to the professionals. At the end of the day, it gives you more control over your business.