AIM Company that is effective in sealing

If the cabinets are particularly offensive, you will need to paint the inside and frames as well. Sealing in the smell is your best option. Of course, the natural wood will eventually gas off as well which helps even further later on. If you want your wood to retain its natural look, you can use shellac to seal it. tafsir mimpi

Paint a coat of shellac on the outside and inside, then lightly sand on the outside and repaint. shellac is made from natural materials and quickly gasses off much better than polyurethane, although not as tough. Also, if you prefer a very safe alternative that can be painted over existing paint or directly onto unfinished wood, you can purchase a Safe Seal, a product from the AIM Company that is effective in sealing in odors without leaving any type of finish. It is virtually invisible.Whatever suggested method you decide to use, be sure to allow the paint, shellac or Safe Seal to dry well. While latex paint and shellac are generally safe, they will require a bit longer time for their odors to gas off. Safe Seal offers an almost immediate odorless seal after dry.